About us

Revicon deals with a wide range of services that can be roughly grouped into three areas: consulting, education and publishing.

Consulting company Revicon Ltd was founded in 1997., anticipating the necessity of providing consulting services that were brought along with the economical and social changes Bosnia and Herzegovina was going through. Since the very beginning, core team of experts was organized and they were the founders of ''Revicon'' as a strong, respectable and trustworthy company.

Revicon offers a wide range of services that can be roughly grouped into three areas: consulting, education and publishing. A wide range of business services, tax, accounting, financial and other forms of consulting is an essential component and the logical consequence of other Revicon’s activities that represent a strong technical base for solving any problems in the field of taxation, finance, accounting, auditing, management, organization.

Within a broad scope of our business consulting we offer the following services in the area of:

  • Financial management – operational analysis, financial statements analysis in order to improve business, preparation of investment projects ;
  • Taxes – interpretation of tax regulations, tax planning and advising;
  • Accounting – consulting services for organizing of this department in companies, practical procedures, defining accounting policies, assistance in applying International Accounting Standards etc.;
  • Business and labor legislation
  • Public procurement – interpretation of regulation, consulting and procurement planning
  • Law – company registration, organization of the company (defining acts of the company), documentation flow;
  • Public finance;
  • Preparing credit reports of your business partners;
  • Organization of conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • Education of the employees in client companies;
  • EU Funds - consulting and training in understanding of EU public policies and programs, design and preparation of quality projects, financial management and procedures of project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, to final reporting.

Since the very beginning of its work, Revicon has been working very extensively and successfully in the field of professional organization of conferences, seminars and other training programs. Amoungst our most significant projects are:

  • ToT - Mentoring Services for New Trainers (UNDP BiH);
  • Design and delivery of standardized training programs and manual in the field of municipal taxes and revenues for municipal officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDP BiH);
  • Local Development Project (LDP), in cooperation with the PNP, the World Bank and the foundations for local development of the FBiH and RS, for the municipal administration of FBiH and RS;
  • Trainings within the Program of strengthening the public institutions in BiH (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH);
  • Trainings on working with authorising tools and developing rapid E-Learning content and on E-Learning basics and effective online tutoring  (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH);
  • Training for OSCE employees „ EU funds, how to compete for grants” (OSCE BiH);
  • Training for employees of Ministry of Finance and Treasury BiH on Public procurement rules, Labor disputes, Income taxes and Amortization in BiH;
  • Training of civil servants - Training of Trainers (TOT): Skills: Leadership / Management; Methodology of drafting legislation; Preparation of proposals in accordance with the EU methodology  (Civil Service Agency FBiH);
  • Training for High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council – Management Skills Training; Budgeting for the projects funded by the EU (High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council);
  • Technical assistance and consulting in preparation of project proposal for IPA Cross-Border Cooperation programme (2011 - 2013) for local governments, Natural Park, Public health institute, Association of Fire-fighters and Agro-Mediterranean Institute.
  • Training and technical assistance in supervising the project of the Danish Refugee Council-budgeting in municipalities;
  • Application of accounting standards, in cooperation with USAID, Legal and Regulatory Reform Project;
  • Status of local consultants in the project SEED (Southeast Europe Enterprise Development), organized by the World Bank and IFC;
  • Seminars for the annual and semi-annual reporting;
  • A large number of seminars on topics of current changes of the regulations in the area of ​​taxes, contributions, etc.;
  • Seminars for candidates for the liquidation and bankruptcy trustees, in cooperation with the Federal Chamber of Commerce, since 2001.;
  • Education of investment consultants in collaboration with the Commission for Securities of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2003.;
  • Preparatory training of candidates for: certified accounting technician, chartered accountant and auditor;
  • Significant number of professional seminars and several publications in the area of implementation of VAT;
  • Significant number of in-house training for the implementation of VAT and income tax;
  • Significant number of in-house training in the field of public procurement;
  • Ttraining courses on the implementation of public procurement regulations;
  • Training in the field of pre-accession funds of the European Union;
  • Training in the field of implementation of IAS / IFRS, etc.;
  • Training in the field of money laundry prevention;
  • Specialized education for governmental employees (5 modules) – Harmonization of B&H Legaslation with EU legal framework.